2021 is simply beginning and that is searching like a superb yr for OEE. 2020 noticed a few superb tendencies taking root for OEE and 2020 seems to hold that trajectory. The OEE tendencies for 2021 are commencing robust with OEE and OPE, Machine Health, the improved unfold of IIoT, Smart Manufacturing, and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Let’s take a deeper look at simply how those growing tendencies in production will reshape and beautify the OEE panorama.


As 2020 comes round OEE has been integrated into the developing panorama of overall performance evaluation. OEE has grown to be part of the rising analytical framework of OPE or Overall Production Effectiveness.

This evaluation takes OEE and provides a further layer to it. OPE makes use of OEE and additionally analyzes statistics from non-public as well. This poises OEE as being a foundational era for the approaching yr and the converting analytical tools.

OEE and Machine Health

Measuring system fitness is the destiny of producing and is anticipated to be at the upward thrust in 2020. Machine fitness measurements strive to research the damage and tear that obviously happens to production equipment. This preemptive examination tries to estimate maintenance beforehand of time with the purpose to streamline production downtime. OEE obviously folds into system fitness. Minimizing downtime with OEE threads obviously into system fitness.



IIoT changed into prepurported to be 2020’s huge alternate up, however, the rollout changed into slower than anticipated. IIoT is based on large infrastructure adjustments to production. These adjustments concerned updating each present equipment and the software program that runs them. As 2021 unwinds IIoT may really be poised to make the adjustments that many analysts were hoping it might in 2020. IIoT will offer OEE with greater statistics from, and greater get entry to, commercial equipment. This opens the door for OEE to have a greater effect on the industry.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is the method of moving from the conventional production era to the clever era. Think much less centralized factories with prolonged distribution networks and greater on-web web page manufacturing with on faucet services. This sort of production always calls for much less downtime with a purpose to run smoothly. OEE bridges this manufacturing hole by giving producers the assets they want to boom performance and decrease downtime.

Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical structures are production techniques that join virtual technology with bodily structures. This encompasses loads of technology. Everything starting from IIoT to AI operated production structures. As production technology boom their use of virtual technology, OEE can start to take a bigger function withinside the industry.

These OEE tendencies for 2021 are poised to boom OEE’s presence withinside the production world. The huge takeaway right here is that production and the economic scene have grown to be an increasing number of virtual spaces. These are the styles of markets in which OEE can thrive. As 2021 unfolds, production and virtual tech are set to grow to be also entwined and OEE is going to be proper there with them.