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Social Bookmarking – Overcome 404 Page Not Found Errors

An embarrassing issue occurred to me in the manner of Social Bookmarking. Bookmarking is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) device that beginners frequently overlook. Fortunately, I became aware of this device, and right away went to three websites like and to bookmark my modern put up. I became very happy with myself. A week or so later I went again to load up some other one in every of my weblog posts that I notion became specifically interesting link sbobet terbaru. I determined to test the authentic bookmark. 404 Page Not Found Problem: I clicked on my hyperlink.


I was given the feared “Page Not Found” blunders message. Has this ever occurred to you? Have you ever located yourself in this predicament? The social bookmarking hyperlink was given to my web web page and displayed the 404 web page now no longer located blunders message however the thing that I desired to reference. Sometimes you sense helplessness. What withinside the international became going on? What became the purpose? Maybe your first notion is which you someway deleted the put up in your weblog. WRONG! It remains there. Maybe the purpose of the mistake message is the reality that a weblog, in this situation a WordPress weblog, mechanically rolls older posts down the homepage. That someway that is the cause for the Search Engine’s incapability to discover what you put up. WRONG! Your mind quickly searches for an answer.

4 ability answers can also additionally come to mind:

  • You need to create a web page in your weblog for that put up.
  • In that manner any connection with that web page might be permanent, however, that isn’t a realistic answer.
  • Assign a unique class to the put up.
  • That additionally isn’t very practical.

Direct your hyperlink from the social bookmarking web page again to the thing listing supply and now no longer for your weblog, however, a few social media web sites do now no longer permit a right away hyperlink again to a piece of writing listing. Finally, you keep in mind modifying the connection with your article at the social bookmark; it’ll now no longer assist you to edit the reference. WRONG again!

Permalinks are located in WordPress at the dashboard beneath neath Settings. A permalink is the URL tag or calls used to become aware of a selected net deal with like an internet web page, website, or a put up to a weblog. Most Content Management Systems (CMS) like blogs use permalinks to hold music of posts. In my case, being an amateur and nevertheless learning, I had modified the makeup of my permalinks so that after the social bookmarking web page searched the Web, it became now no longer capable of discovering my put up and the scary 404 web page now no longer located message appeared. I became now no longer aware of the effect that my experimenting with the settings in WordPress became having on my weblog.

The easy answer is to re-outline your permalink to its “post name”. You can outline a permalink to become aware of its put up call, class, author, date, and different specific tags. If you’re doing social bookmarking, use a permalink that defines the put up call and its author. So much stuff to examine! The extra you examine the extra you are making money!