Golf Lessons For Beginners - Getting Your Drives On The Fairways

Golf Lessons For Beginners – Getting Your Drives On The Fairways

If you can learn to master your golf shots so that you hit the ball accurately you will find that your statistics for hitting the fairways and greens in regulation will dramatically increase. This in turn translates into playing better golf all round. Here are some tips I found from reading golf lessons for beginners from the top players who have game plans to keep the ball on the short grass. Although it is exciting to watch some top players scramble from the most horrendous of situations, as an amateur, it is better to avoid that stress, and discover ways in which you can find more fairways.

As you can hit the ball further with your driver there is potentially a greater chance of the ball going astray. This means that it is harder to hit your target. Think about the wind direction and how that will impact on the ball direction. Find out where there may be traps which you need to avoid. Then choose a spot on the fairway as your target. Visualize your ball flying in the air so that you see the shot before you play it. Remember to keep your golf swing the same for the driver as you would for your irons. The power in your driver swing comes from the longer swing arc so don’t try to hit it harder.

Getting Your Drives On The Fairways

When driving distribute your weight equally over both feet as you address the ball. An error at set up can lead to other faults. Beginner golf lessons always emphasize the concept of sticking with sound fundamentals. Make sure that most of your weight is not resting on your heels as this would then mean you are too far away from the ball. This would then affect the path of your club as you take it away and your weight shift will not be correct with the result of a poor shot – either a low cut or pulling the ball. The tip here sounds simple but many players have too much weight either on their heels or balls of the feet.

At the top of your backswing try to achieve a well wound up position. Your weight should be focussed on your right side. The weight is then shifted to the left side as you make your downswing. Keep the club out in front of you as make the downswing. If it gets stuck behind your body on the downswing then your shot will not be a good one.
So, there are a couple of tips that I found from some beginner golf lessons to help you find more fairways and avoid having to make those scrambling shots.